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"Everything I'm saying I'm Super Saying like Goku."

I'm an Artist (Actor&Writer). I love art and all things awesome, Especially Star Wars. I have a thing for creative girls. Salute.

Happy birthday to my youngest nephew Jestin. What a wacky kid.
#tbt so much fun. If you haven’t already check out the last episode of Fish Bowls Are Definitely My Thing at Channel 101. Hyped we got to be apart of it. @jasonmcnix @cedxric s/o @kavutskiy #fishbowlsfive #FishBowlBoyz



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Dill Daddy #faworldentertainment
Paul Dublonde on the set of #MurphyBrown with the good homie Candie Bergen. Fun day.
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Me & Pops. He’s a great guy, taught me everything I know and has always been supportive, more so with me than his other kids. Happy Father’s Day Daddy Darth.
Happy Anniversary boys @kevinstafford @play_tones @jasonmcnix @b0sc0 @todd_riz #thegunfordmay #NeverForget #FunSummer #KnickersPlease